Study Plan

2 Compulsory subjects

Research Activity and its Financing


1st Sem. 7.5 ECTS


Biotechnology and Bioengineering Seminars


1st and 2nd Sem. 4.5 ECTS

Duration: 1 academic course (60 ECTS)


Schedule: Monday to Friday afternoons

Learning mode: Classroom-based

Common Module


10.5 Theoretical ECTS | 1.5 Practical ECTS


Specialization Module

12 Optional subjects, choice of 6

12 Theoretical ECTS  | 6 Practical ECTS


Nutraceutical Biotechnological Industry


1st Sem. 3 ECTS


Metabolism and Molecular Nutrition


1st Sem. 3 ECTS

Advances in Genetics


2nd Sem. 3 ECTS


Biomedical Engineering


2nd Sem. 3 ECTS


Development of Oral Drugs: Biopharmaceutical Optimization and Pharmacokinetics


1st Sem. 3 ECTS




1st Sem. 3 ECTS


Molecular Bases of Signal Transduction and Cancer

2nd Sem. 3 ECTS


Molecular Recognition and Rational Design


2nd Sem. 3 ECTS


Biotechnological Materials


1st Sem. 3 ECTS


Toxicology and Pharmacology


1st Sem. 3 ECTS


Biotechnological Development of New Active Agents

2nd Sem. 3 ECTS


Advanced Organic Synthesis


2nd Sem. 3 ECTS


Master Thesis

Compulsory research project. It is carried out mainly in the second semester

More about the Master Thesis


30 Practical ECTS


Instituto de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación en Biotecnología Sanitaria de Elche

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