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Dr. Mª del Mar Ortega-Villaizán Romo

Department: Instituto de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación en Biotecnología Sanitaria de Elche (IDiBE) / Fish erythrocytes in antiviral immunology group

Phone: + 34 966 658 431


ResearchGate: Maria del Mar Ortega-Villaizan


Current Position: Research personnel, Universidad Miguel Hernández.

Research Fields

  • Fish immunology and virology.

  • Evaluation of the crosstalk between red and white blood cells in the scenario of fish viral infections and prophylaxis. 

Representative Publications

  • I Nombela. M Ortega-Villaizan. Nucleated red blood cells: immune cell mediators of the antiviral response. (2018) PLOS Pathogens. In Press.​

  • S Puente-Marin, I Nombela, S Ciordia, MC Mena, V Chico, J Coll, M Ortega-Villaizan. In silico functional networks identified in fish nucleated red blood cells by means of transcriptomic and proteomic profiling. (2018) Genes. 9 (4), 202

  • V Chico, S Puente-Marin, I Nombela, S Ciordia, MC Mena, B Carracedo, AJ Villena, L Mercado, J Coll, M Ortega Villaizan. Shape-shifted red blood cells: a novel red blood cell stage? (2018) Cells. In Press.

  • Medina-Gali RM, M Ortega-Villaizan, Mercado L, Novoa B, Coll JM, Perez L. Beta-glucan enhances the response to SVCV infection in zebrafish. (2018) Developmental and Comparative Immunology. 7 - 84, pp. 307 - 314.

  • I Nombela, S Puente-Marin, V Chico, AJ Villena, B Carracedo, S Ciordia, MC Mena, L Mercado, L Perez; J Coll, A Estepa, M Ortega-Villaizan. Identification of diverse defense mechanisms in rainbow trout red blood cells in response to halted replication of VHS virus [version 2; referees: 2 approved, 1 approved with reservations].(2017) F1000Research. 6 - 1958.

  • I Nombela; A Carrion; S Puente-Marin; V Chico; L Mercado; L Perez; J Coll; M Ortega-Villaizan. Infectious pancreatic necrosis virus triggers antiviral immune response in rainbow trout red blood cells, despite not being infective [version 2; referees: 2 approved]. (2017) F1000Research. 6 - 1968.

  • MH Jung, J Lee, M Ortega-Villaizan, L Perez, SJ Jung. Protective immunity against Megalocytivirus infection in rock bream (Oplegnathus fasciatus) following CpG ODN administration. (2017) Vaccine. 35 - 30, pp. 3691 - 3699.

  • García-Valtanen P, Martinez-Lopez A, Lopez-Muñoz A, Bello M, Medina-Gali RM,M Ortega-Villaizan, Varela M; Figueras A, Mulero V, Novoa B, Coll JM. Zebrafish lacking adaptive immunity acquire an anti-viral alert state characterized by upregulated gene expression of apoptosis, multi-gene families and interferon-related genes. (2017) Frontiers in Immunology. 8:668.

  • Ortega-Villaizan M*, Chico V*, Martinez-Lopez A, Garcia-Valtanen P, Coll JM, Estepa A. Development of new therapeutical/adjuvant molecules by pepscan mapping of autophagy and IFN inducing determinants of rhabdoviral G proteins. (2016) Molecular Immunology. Feb;70:118-24.

  • García-Valtanen P*, Ortega-Villaizán M*, Martínez-López A, Medina-Gali R, Pérez L, Mackenzie S, Figueras A, Coll JM, Estepa A. Autophagy-inducing peptides from mammalian VSV and fish VHSV rhabdoviral G glycoproteins (G) as models for the development of new therapeutic molecules. (2014) Autophagy,10(9):1666-80.

  • García-Valtanen P, Martinez-Lopez A,Ortega-Villaizan M, Perez L, Coll JM, Estepa A. In addition to its antiviral and immunomodulatory properties, the zebrafish beta-defensin 2 (zfBD2) is a potent viral DNA vaccine molecular adjuvant. (2014) Antiviral Research. 101, pp. 136 - 147.

  • Martinez-Lopez A, García-Valtanen P, Ortega-Villaizan M, Chico V, Gomez-Casado E, Coll JM, Estepa A. VHSV G glycoprotein major determinants implicated in triggering the host type I IFN antiviral response as DNA vaccine molecular adjuvants. (2014) Vaccine. 32, pp. 6012 - 6019.

  • Martinez-Lopez A, García-Valtanen P, Ortega-Villaizan M, Chico V, Medina-Gali RM, Perez L, Coll J, Estepa A. Increasing versatility of the DNA vaccines through modification of the subcellular location of plasmid-encoded antigen expression in the in vivo transfected cells. (2013) PLoS One. 8 – 10.