Dr. José A. Belso Martínez

Department: Financial and Economic Studies

Phone: +34 966 658 918

Email: jbelso@umh.es

ResearchGate: Jose Belso-Martinez

Current Position: Associate Professor of Applied Economics, Universidad Miguel Hernandez. Director of the Footwear Institutional Chair.

Research Fields

  • Knowledge creation and Innovation models.

  • Inter-organizational networks, innovation and performance.

  • The role of geographical dimension on economic activities.

  • Industrial and innovation policy from a territorial perspective.

Representative Publications

  • A Montoro-Sanchez, I Diez-Vial, JA Belso-Martinez. The evolution of the domestic network configuration as a driver of international relationships in SMEs. (2018) International Business Review

  • JA Belso-Martinez, I Diez-Vial. Firm’s strategic choices and network knowledge dynamics: how do they affect innovation? (2018) Journal of Knowledge Management, 22(1), 1-20

  • JA Belso-Martínez, MJ López-Sánchez, R Mateu-García. New MNE subsidiaries in old clusters: when, why, and how. (2018) Review of Managerial Science 12 (2), 441-467

  • JA Belso-Martinez, I Diez-Vial, MJ Lopez-Sanchez, R Mateu-Garcia. The brokerage role of supporting organizations inside clusters: how does it work? (2018) European Planning Studies, 26(4), 706-725

  • JA Belso-Martínez, A Mas-Tur, N Roig-Tierno. Synergistic effects and the co-existence of networks in clusters. (2017) Entrepreneurship & Regional Development 29 (1-2), 137-154

  • PA Balland, JA Belso-Martínez, A Morrison. The dynamics of technical and business knowledge networks in industrial clusters: Embeddedness, status, or proximity? (2016) Economic Geography 92 (1), 35-60

Company Agreements

  • Manufacturas Artesa S.L.

  • Naturtex S.L.

  • Cintugal S.L.

  • Bereti S.A