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Dr. Enrique Barrajón Catalán

Department: Instituto de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación en Biotecnología Sanitaria de Elche (IDiBE)

Phone: +34 965 222 586


ResearchGate: Enrique Barrajón-Catalán

Current Position: Assistant professor

Research Fields

  • New cancer treatments: development of new treatments for cancer based in natural compounds.

  • Cosmetics: screening and bioactivity of new ingredients for cosmetics and food formulations.

  • New natural biostimulant discovery and characterization.

  • Development of new antimicrobial compounds based on natural compounds.

Representative Publications

  • Barrajón-Catalán et al. Differential metabolomic analysis to study the potential antiproliferative mechanism of olive leaf extract in JIMT-1 breast cancer cell line Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 105: 156-162 (2015).

  • Barrajón-Catalán et al. Molecular promiscuity of plant polyphenols in the management of age-related diseases: far beyond their antioxidant propertiesAdvances in experimental medicine and biology. 824: 141 – 159 (2014).

  • Barrajón-Catalan et al. Protective effects of citrus and rosemary extracts on UV-induced damage in skin cell model and human volunteersJournal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B-Biology. 136: 12 - 18 (2014).

  • Barrajón-Catalán et al. Immunoliposome encapsulation increases cytotoxic activity and selectivity of curcumin and resveratrol against HER2 overexpressing human breast cancer cells. Breast cancer research and treatment. 141 (1): 55 - 65 (2013).

Patents and Available Technologies

  • Combinación sinérgica de flavonoides y vitamina C. Número de solicitud: ES20130000578 20130605. Fecha: 05/06/2013.

  • Combinación sinérgica de polifenoles con actividad antibiótica eficaz frente a cepas de bacterias resistentes a antibióticos Número de solicitud: ES201301181. Fecha: 11/12/2013.

Company Agreements

  • Invitrotecnia S.L.

  • Grupo Agrotecnología S.L.

  • Illice Effitech S.L.