Dr. Eva Tudurí López

Department: Applied Biology

Phone: +34 965 222 006

Email: etuduri@goumh.umh.es

ORCID: orcid.org/0000-0001-8999-2605

Current Position: Senior Postdoctoral researcher, Universidad Miguel Hernández.

Research Fields

Our special interest is focused on understanding the alterations and adaptations that occur in pancreatic islet cells in both physiological and pathophysiological conditions including diabetes, obesity and aging.

Representative Publications

  • Adam Ramzy, Eva Tudurí, Maria M. Glavas, Robert K. Baker, Majid Mojibian, Jessica K. Fox, Shannon M. O'Dwyer, Derek Dai, Xiaoke Hu, Heather C. Denroche, Nazde Edeer, Sarah L. Gray, Cameron B. Verchere, James D. Johnson, Timothy J. Kieffer. AAV8 Ins1-Cre can produce efficient β-cell recombination but requires consideration of off-target effects. (2020) Scientific Reports. 29;10(1):10518.

  • Cristina Quesada-Candela, Eva Tudurí, Laura Marroquí, Paloma Alonso-Magdalena, Ivan Quesada, Angel Nadal. Morphological and functional adaptations of pancreatic alpha-cells during late pregnancy in the mouse. (2019) Metabolism. 102:153963.

  • Eva Tudurí, Maria M Glavas, Ali Asadi, Robert K Baker, Cara E Ellis, Galina Soukhatcheva, Marjolaine Philit, Frank K Huynh, James D Johnson, C Bruce Verchere, Timothy J Kieffer. AAV GCG-EGFP, a new tool to identify glucagon-secreting alpha-cells. (2019) Scientific Reports. 9(1):10829.

  • Angel Nadal, Iván Quesada, Eva Tudurí, Rubén Nogueiras, Paloma Alonso-Magdalena. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals and the regulation of energy balance. (2019) Nature reviews Endocrinology. 13 - 9, pp. 536 - 546.

  • Eva Tudurí, Daniel Beiroa, Johannes Stegbauer, Johan Ferno, Miguel López, Carlos Diéguez, Rubén Nogueiras. Acute stimulation of brain mu opioid receptors inhibits glucose-stimulated insulin secretion via sympathetic innervation. (2016) Neuropharmacology. Nov - 110, pp. 322 - 332.

  • Eva Tudurí, Miguel López, Carlos Diéguez, Angel Nadal, Ruben Nogueiras. Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 Analogs and their Effects on Pancreatic Islets. (2016) Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism. 27 - 5, pp. 304 - 318.

  • E Tudurí, D Beiroa, B Porteiro, M López, C Diéguez, R Nogueiras. Acute but not chronic activation of brain glucagon-like peptide-1 receptors enhances glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in mice. (2015) Diabetes, obesity & metabolism. 17 - 8, pp. 789 - 799.