Dr. Concepción Parejo Prados

Department: Instituto de Bioingeniería 

Phone: +34 966 658 925

Email: c.parejo@umh.es

Current Position: Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry, Universidad Miguel Hernández.

Research Fields

  • Synthesis of advanced molecules for the generation of energy.

  • Synthesis of zinc phthalocyanines for photovoltaic devices.

Representative Publications

  • Ümit Isçi, Sevinc Zehra Topal, Emel Önal, Ismail Fidan, Savaç Berber, Vefa Ahsen, Concepción Parejo Prados, Ángela Sastre Santos, Fabienne Dumoulin. Synthesis and characterization of a new meso-tetra-dihydrobenzocyclobutacenaphthylene free-base porphyrin. (2018) Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines 22,173-180.

  • Luís Martín Gomis, Concepción Parejo Prados, Julio César Álvarez Santos, Fernando Fernández Lázaro, Ángela Sastre Santos. Dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) based on bulky tert-octylphenoxycarboxyphenyl substituted phthalocyanine without the presence of co-adsorbents. (2017) Inorganica Chimica Acta 468, 327-333.

  • Javier Ortiz Carricondo, Concepción Parejo Prados, Federico Payá, Fernando Fernández Lázaro, Larry Lüer, Ángela Sastre Santos. Synthesis and optical properties of phthalocyaninedihydrobenzocyclobutacenaphthylene systems. (2013) Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines 17, 1008-1015.

  • Juan Casado, V. Hernández, J. T. López Navarrete, Concepción Parejo Prados, Fernando Fernández Lázaro, Ángela Sastre Santos, Fred Wuld. Synthesis, spectrocopic and quantum chemical DFT studies of new pleiadene-based materials. (2005) Synthetic Metals 53, 245-248.

  • C. Simó, Alberto Gallardo Ruiz, Concepción Parejo Prados, Julio San Román Del Barrio, Alejandro Cifuentes. Monitoring ibuprofen enantiomers released from polymeric systems. (2002) European Journal Pharmaceutical Sciences 75, 75-82.