Dr. Alejandro Ruiz Picazo

Department: Engineering. Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology Area.

Phone: +34 676 491 466

Email: alejandro.ruizp@umh.es

Current Position: Associate Professor

Research Fields

  • Development of BADALI, Food Database and Nutrition Website (http://badali.umh.es)

  • Study of nutritional properties of food and food products on the market (new line of research). 

  • Study of functional components of food and food products on the market (new line of research).

Representative Publications

  • Alejandro Ruiz-Picazo; Isabel Lozoya-Agullo; Isabel Gonzalez-Alvarez; Marival Bermejo; Marta Gonzalez-Alvarez. 2020. Effect of excipients on oral absorption process according to the different gastrointestinal segments. Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery. Taylor and Francis Group. pp.1-20.

  • Alejandro Ruiz-Picazo; Sarin Colon-Useche; Marta Gonzalez-Alvarez; Isabel Gonzalez-Alvarez; Marival Bermejo; Peter Langguth. 2020. Effect of thickener on disintegration, dissolution and permeability of common drug products for elderly patients. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics. Elsevier. 153, pp.168-176.

  • Alejandro Ruiz-Picazo; Marta Gonzalez-Alvarez; Isabel Gonzalez-Alvarez; Marival Bermejo. 2020. Effect of Common Excipients on Intestinal Drug Absorption in Wistar Rats. Molecular Pharmaceutics. ACS publications.

  • A. Ruiz-Picazo; S. Colon-Useche; B. Perez-Amoros; M. Gonzalez-Alvarez; I. Molina-Martinez; I. Gonzalez-Alvarez; A. García-Arieta; M. Bermejo. 2019. Investigation to Explain Bioequivalence Failure in Pravastatin Immediate-Release Products.Pharmaceutics. MDPI. 11, pp.663.

  • A. Ruiz-Picazo; M.T. Martinez-Martinez; S. Colon-Useche; et al; M. Bermejo. 2018. In Vitro Dissolution as a Tool for Formulation Selection: Telmisartan Two-Step IVIVC. Mol. Pharmaceutics. 2018. ACS Publications. 15, pp.2307-2315.​