The multidisciplinary nature of Biotechnology and Bioengineering makes this official postgraduate degree a useful training opportunity for graduates of various careers. In addition, it offers the possibility of accessing PhD programmes once the Master is finished. Those who have a university degree in any of the following areas can access the Master's degree:


  • Experimental Sciences: Biotechnology, Biology, Physiscs, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Food Science and Technology, Environmental Science.

  • Health Sciences: Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine.

  • Engineering: Agricultural, Chemical, Computer, Industrial, Materials.


Admission of a candidate in the program will be decided by the Master's Council, based on the following criteria:

  • Undergraduate Studies (25%)

  • Grades in the Undergraduate Title that relates most to the Master's  (25%)

  • Personal interview (20%)

  • English level (B1) (15%)

  • Interest in pursuing a research career (15%)

Are you keen on pursuing a research career?

Do you want to access a PhD programme?

Do you have a Degree in Experimental Sciences, Health Sciences or Engineering?


The fees for this course are 2.578 €. In the following link, you will find information about the payment methods, including payment by instalments. 

More Information

We have prepared a video tutorial to help you with your application.

Here you can find information for international students from the International Relations Service.

You can access the University's Scholarship Programme, as well as state and autonomic aid.

In the "Students" section, you will find information about calendars, studies, faculties, services and much more.

Here you will find information regarding your admission, credit recognition and pre-registration and registration calendars.

The Academinc Management office offers detailed information on enrollment, title homologation, credit recognition, regulation and other FAQs.

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